Monday, December 20, 2010

So, it’s a few days before Christmas...

And I want to share with all of you some location images that I was able to capture right before the sky opened up, and I went down hard with last week’s nasty little bug that kept me confined to the house.

This is the Chudy family.  They are an absolutely wonderfully photogenic family, and we had an absolute blast doing their Christmas portraits in front of their historic home downtown. :)  Thank you, Casey, for sharing a bit of your family with us!

I also wanted to take just a moment to mention the terrific sale and giveaway at Soulographer.  Skye’s got a workbook and posing guide on sale that you absolutely MUST NOT miss out on if you are even a little bit interested in children’s portrait photography!  I picked them both up last week and cannot say enough nice things about these tools for photographers!  Even a seasoned pro will take away a little something that is well worth the cost of admission. :)  Thanks, Skye!

I hope that all of my readers, clients, friends, and family have a warm, blessed Christmas, and prosperous 2011!

Blessings to all of you!

Until Next Time….

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Down Time Lesson

Apparently, if you don't slow down on your own, your body will slow you down!

I know this, as I'm curled up on the couch with blanket, pillow, and laptop, on day four of lost voice, nasty cough, and low grade fever.  I've gotten little done since Sunday, which was NOT on my agenda.

What I have been able to do is catch up on my Facebook games, do a little research and development, and sleep.  Yup, I excelled in sleeping.  I'm quite good at it, apparently.  :)

In my Internet travels I re-visited Soulographer, which is fast becoming one of my favorite sites to peruse, and not just because of the awesome giveaways they're sponsoring this month. :)  Not only is this site a good read, it's an amazing resource for photographers to find good vendors for equipment, props, guides, etc.

Check out this week's giveaway (and awesome sale) at and be sure to enter, if you are an aspiring, or even professional shutterbug.

I have no photos to share with you this time, as all of them are on the studio computer, and it's been too cold (ok, and I've felt too cruddy) to even venture out there, so I will keep this entry short.

The lesson learned this week is - You may not be able to fit everything you need to do into your waking hours, so do as much as you can after prioritizing, take a little time for yourself, take your vitamins, eat well, and exercise.  If you don't, your body will most likely turn on you and knock you on your butt, and that only puts you further behind than you were when you started.

Until next time....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On New Experiences and Other Personal Things...

Greetings, and Happy Holidays to all!  We just had our belated Thanksgiving feast just a few days ago, due to my eldest son not arriving home until the Monday AFTER Thanksgiving, but were still able to pull off the roast bird and all the fixin’s, enjoyed by all three of my sons for the first time in many years!  I was a happy Mom (and Nona!).

My middle son, Matthew, has just announced his engagement to his beautiful girlfriend, Ashlee, and her baby girl, Lilly, so there has been much activity in our busy (and growing) family!

Last month I was touching base with a photographer friend of mine who was very nervous about shooting her first ever wedding, and she asked me if I wanted to come and help her.  I thought she was joking, initially, but she was dead serious.

Now, those of you who know me, also know that I have avoided shooting weddings like the plague, given some of the horror stories I have heard about bridezillas and the like.  Well, long story short, I sucked it up and told my friend that I was honored that she thought enough of my skills to want *me* to help her shoot the most important day in a young woman’s life.  No pressure, right?  (See? There’s part of it, right there…You do NOT get a do-over during someone’s ceremony, so you had best believe you need to be very familiar with your camera and its settings before you even THINK about shooting someone’s wedding!)

At any rate, we did the shoot, it was SO much fun!  Had I known doing weddings would be as fun as it was, I would have started doing them many moons ago! :)

Also, if any of you reading this are photographers or aspiring photographers, then you need to check out the wicked giveaway and sale at the Soulographer Blog for Photographers.  

So that’s it for right now…Until next time….