Thursday, April 23, 2009

Be Careful, VERY Careful, What You Wish For - You Just Might Get It. :)

Well, well, well...

After all these months of grousing that I simply didn't have enough to do pertaining to Wall 2 Wall Photography, suddenly, BANG! It must be busy season. :)
We did take some down time in March/early April. My oldest son came home on leave for 30 days. He's in Korea with the Air Force, and hadn't been home in almost four years, so I took a couple weeks of vacation from the day job; the first week he was here, and the last. During that last week, Matthew, my 16 year old, flew out from Nevada for spring break, and we were able to do family portraits, which we hadn't had done since...oooohhhh.... 2004 or so. How sad is it that a portrait photographer didn't have a portrait of her own family? Well, we surely rectified that. I also got some goof-shots of the two older boys, as well as some pictures of all three boys, and the three with their sister. (You will find these throughout this particular post.)

After taking Matt and Christopher to the airport the week before Easter, I decided to really start knocking out some networking for the business. I had joined a local networking site ( while he was here, then ramped that up a bit. Then, last week, quite by accident, I was perusing golo, which is a local news channel blog-type site, and met Kisha via a blog post. She has a wedding planning business. We emailed back and forth over the last week, and I am SO excited for her. She does have a web site, and if you or anyone you know in the Eastern North Carolina area, is getting married, you will really want to go check her out. She is the owner/operator of One Fine Day Wedding Planning.

Now, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, Wall 2 Wall Photography will have a booth at the Lucama Spring Fling Festival on May 16. This is going to be SO much fun. Lots of activities, and Shelley told me last night that there will even be a pie eating contest.

So between prepping for the festival, shooting spring in North Carolina, scheduling portrait sessions, well...Like I mentioned in the title of this blog post, be careful what you wish for. :) In this case, however, that is not a bad thing!

Until next time, y'all!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Missing Child - Goldsboro/Wayne County, NC

Folks, this isn't for me, but I wanted any and all of you that might be following this blog to please read below. A friend of my son, Matt, is missing and needs medical attention. I am posting a picture of her that I took last year, but the ones in the links below are more recent. She has been missing since early Monday morning, and I received the following from her mom, Michelle, earlier this evening:

My daughter, Ashlee Michelle Davenport 16 is considered to have ran away Monday April 13 morning between 4:25am-4:45am.Ashlee is 5'8' 118 pounds light brown hair hazel eyes. She has the cartlidge of her right ear & her belly button pierced. She has dental issues as far as a her top front teeth are not straight. She also has the initials MS carved into her hip. There is a picture of her on, and wral & witn.I got a phone call from her dr. Monday morning and she has some medical conditions in which she needs medication immediately! She has a heart condition which she needs to be treated for ASAP! very concerned because she needs to be seen immediately!If you have any info whatsoever, PLEASE call my cell phone anytime 24/7@ 919-922-9967 or call the Wayne County Sheriffs Department @ 919-7311481 or Detective Sgt.Tammy Odom @ 919-580-4065.