Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Grand Opening "Open House" *whew*

Yay! I got through the Open House. Y'all! I was SO stressed! But it was fun, and well worth it! We did a lot of last minute set up, and moved tables in, food in, a cooler full of ice in, dusted, mopped, swept, etc.

I got to hang my "Open" sign for the first time, and my daughter/assistant, Peri took this picture of me hanging it on the wall outside the front door. :)

We had a steady stream of visitors from 1:00-6:00 p.m. I had some of my framed art prints on display, as well as a slide show. Everyone that came to visit was very positive, including my friend and day-job boss, Brenda (that would be of Brenda's Creative Designs, for those of you who live in the greater Wayne County area). :)

At six o'clock I had my assistant, Peri, draw a name for the Photos On CD package give-away. That's Tim, my son and other assistant, holding the basket. ;)Congratulations to Don and Sue from LaGrange, NC, who won the package.
Meanwhile, back in the marketing department, I am going to be scheduling a spot on the public access morning spot to get the Wall 2 Wall name out there. I'm also starting to take notes on my commercial spots, as well, so this may be a very interesting week!

As many of you know, I offer a different type of portrait package. Your bargain basement packages consist of one or two poses in many different sizes. My session packages allow the customer to get prints of all shots taken, some even matted and ready for framing; many in custom albums. (Email me if you aren't familiar with our packages.)

At any rate, I've got to work some of my Sunday shoot. I will post that blog later this week.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! :)

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