Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some More North Bay and San Francisco!

Tiburon, California….My Bridge!

So, it’s been kind of a busy couple of weeks, and I am just now getting to my Sonoma/Petaluma/San Francisco images!

What a trip back in time this was for me!  I grew up in the South Bay, so going to San Fran was AWESOME, but, again, I was totally bugged that my bridge was enshrouded in fog that day.  Nevertheless, I shot my butt off that day!  Thank goodness for 8 gig CF card, right? :)  Enjoy!

Sebastiani Theater,  Sonoma, CA
Sonoma, California

Town Square, Sonoma, California
Petaluma, California
Petaluma, California
Petaluma, California (cool sign)

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