Thursday, July 17, 2008

Am Posting This From Our Studio!

Ok, so here it is, almost eleven p.m. eastern standard time, and I am sitting in the studio; in my chair, at my desk, at my laptop, with my stereo cranking some classic Journey (ok, I typed this at the risk of sounding old...get over it, I did, LOL).

Johnny and I worked on the remainder of the front deck/porch, plus stairs earlier today, and put the second window trim up, as well, so we were fairly busy, and Peri helped us a good deal with moving props and equipment into the building.

I am going to post a couple more pictures of the exterior, as well as one of the interior on this post.

Did I mention I already have a session booked for the first Saturday of August? :) Life is good.

If you know of anyone that wants portraits, have them contact us. You can see our portfolio at

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