Saturday, July 19, 2008

OMG! We Are SOOO Overbudget!!!

I am sitting here feeling sooooo stupid it isn't even funny.

I took last night off. Sue me. I was tired...I mean reallllly tired. I got off of work early, thinking that I'd come home and do a little interior housekeeping in the studio, but I didn't. I sat down in the recliner and crashed. Hard.

I was supposed to go to the bank and deposit a check I'd received, but I figured I would take care of that later. I was also supposed to move the remaining funds from the studio savings to the main checking account, too, but I figured I would take care of that later, too. I mean, we came in SO under budget that it almost hurt, so we thought, hey! Let's put the deck/porch/rails up, since we have all of this extra money. *feeling stupid* But move the money FIRST!!!!!

Lesson learned? Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

Wait...I got that backwards. That's what you aren't supposed to do. Which is what I did. Dangit!

Lesson learned? ALWAYS (no matter HOW tired you think you are) do today financially what you probably shouldn't put off until tomorrow. I.E. GO TO THE BANK WITH THE MONEY!!!!!

Johnny had to go to class in Havelock this morning, so we got up at oh-dark-thirty, and I caught up on house work, laundry, soaps, etc., completely oblivious to the financial issue that awaited me.

Then, around 10:30 or so, I decided a little R&R would be a good thing, because everyone knows that all work and no play makes Jules a dull girl, right? I threw on my swimsuit, grabbed a Nicholas Sparks novel, went out to the backyard and laid out by the pool, swam a little bit, and didn't think a thing about financial stuff. I mean, c'mon. It's Saturday, for heaven's sake...give a girl a little down time! Went inside, took a shower, cleaned some more, and finally got motivated enough to come in and check email and whatnot, logged into my bank, and *gasp* find that I am tres overdrawn!

You have never seen anyone move so fast! I was moving money around like one of those guys you see in the old movies doing the shell game. I absolutely almost never overdraw my account, but guess what? I really shoulda stopped at the bank on my way home yesterday, and I never shoulda crashed in that recliner. I hate an overdraft fee. I mean, c'mon! I almost NEVER get them! I make a habit of NOT bouncing checks, man! I'm serious. I take it personally if I get an overdraft fee. I'm feeling pretty stupid right about now. Why? Because as much as I hate an overdraft fee, I hate four of them even more!

I love this studio. I do, but I've gotten really slack when it comes to the finances. I am usually the one doing online banking every single night of the week and this last couple of days have been so surreal. Thursday night I posted in here, just as happy as a pig in...well...sunshine, and didn't even think to look at the bank balance. I was so busy reveling in the fact that I actually had lights, music, and the Internet, that I completely forgot to move money when money needed to be moved. Shame on me. Really. From financially responsible adult to kid with new toy in record time.

Note to self: Dear Julie....GROW UP!!!!!

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